EDC’s staff includes four principal engineers, a senior staff engineer, three staff engineers, an AutoCAD operator/designer and an office manager. The four principals have a combined total of over 100 years of Alaskan engineering experience. EDC, Inc. provides both electrical and mechanical engineering services.

Electrical Engineering

JOHN FASCHAN, P.E. is the company’s president and senior electrical engineer. He has been an owner since the time the company took its current name in 1994. In that time he has worked on projects in well over 50 villages and remote communities as well as most of Alaska’s major cities.

JOHN PEPE, P.E. is a principal and senior electrical engineer in the company, having joined the firm in 2008. As a lifelong Alaskan, he has extensive experience in the design of lighting, power, telecommunications and control systems for large commercial/industrial facilities throughout the State of Alaska. John has also been involved in international development projects, helping communities in Africa and Southeast Asia.

ROY PACE, P.E. is a principal and senior electrical engineer. He started as an intern with the company during the summer of 2002 and demonstrated the competence and abilities desired by EDC. He was brought on full time in May of 2003 as an engineer in training, has since earned his license and become an owner of the firm.

CORY WARDROPE, EIT. Staff Electrical Engineer

VITALY IVANOV, EIT. Staff Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

KEVIN HANSEN, P.E. is the company’s vice-president and lead mechanical engineer. He has been an owner since the time the company took its current name in 1994. He began his mechanical engineering career in 1978 in Alaska, and has extensive experience in design and management of projects incorporating HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and pumping systems.

ERNIE HETRICK, P.E. Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager

Other Staff

SHAUNA KOONCE, Office Manager