If you have any questions about EDC, Inc. or wish to contact one of us, we may be reached at any of the following:

EDC, Inc.
213 West Fireweed Lane
Anchorage Alaska, 99503

1-907-276-7933 (phone)
1-907-276-4763 (fax)

Direct Lines
John Faschan 1-907-257-0605
Kevin Hansen 1-907-257-0610
Ernie Hetrick 1-907-230-5557
John Pepe 1-907-257-0606
Roy Pace 1-907-257-0602
Cory Wardrope 1-907-257-0613
Vitaly Ivanov 1-907-257-0609
Oka Morah 1-907-257-0604
Christopher Bare 1-907-257-0608
Shauna Koonce 1-907-257-0601

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