EDC, Inc. is an electrical and mechanical consulting engineering company that has been providing quality services for our satisfied clients for over 24 years. We welcome all potential clients and the opportunity to provide any of the following services that you may require.


The EDC electrical engineering team has supported a wide variety of municipal, industrial and commercial clients with electrical and control system solutions utilizing the latest technology and our over 40 years of combined experience in the State of Alaska.


We provide expertise in medium to low voltage power distribution systems for municipal, commercial and industrial facilities. Typical system designs can include power component layout floor plans, one-line diagrams, load calculations, emergency and standby generation systems, short circuit and coordination studies and arc flash analysis. EDC is well versed in coordinating with local electrical utilities to ensure timely installation of new or upgraded services. We have provided line extension designs when necessary to support the utility. EDC has worked throughout the State providing power solutions for a wide variety of applications. Using the latest advanced analysis tools, we are able to deliver a power system that meets your site specific needs.




EDC is experienced in providing alternative energy solutions to meet energy efficiency or off-grid power requirements. Past projects have included urban and remote solar PV, generator and wind turbine hybrid systems, and ground and sea-water source heat pump systems.



We have an experienced team of professionals designing roadway, site, exterior, and interior lighting systems using the latest 3D modeling and simulation software.



EDC has many years of specialized experience providing designs for both relay and PLC-based control panels and instrumentation systems for process control. Whether your process is a single sewage lift station or a combined water/wastewater treatment plant, EDC has the experience coordinating with all parties including owners, operators, design team members (civil, structural, process, mechanical, IT and environmental engineers), equipment vendors, instrumentation suppliers and system integrators to ensure a properly functioning system and a successful project. System functionality can include:

  • Process monitoring
  • Historical trending and alarm notification critical for operation
  • Maintenance and regulatory reporting of any process
  • Local or remote annunciation of events to operators
  • Plant-wide networked HMI touchscreen panels
  • City-wide radio networked SCADA systems to internet web based systems

EDC has the ability to deliver even the most complex process based control and monitoring systems to meet your specific needs. System technology is changing rapidly and EDC remains committed to maintaining our knowledge edge.


Telecommunications needs are constantly changing with the development of new technology and the need for networked systems for the business, security, telecommunication and process plant demands. EDC has experienced professionals that can define the customer’s needs and develop a network solution that meet those needs.


We have a team of professionals experienced in both access control systems and IP based camera monitoring. EDC has worked in a wide variety of municipal and industrial facilities providing solutions to meet their security needs.


EDC provides fire alarm system designs ranging from small facilities to large process plants. We’re familiar with the latest technologies available that can meet the client’s needs and budget.


EDC’s mechanical engineers provide a full range of mechanical services for municipal, industrial, and commercial facilities throughout the State of Alaska. EDC has extensive mechanical engineering experience ranging from small rural water and sewer systems to the state’s largest wastewater facilities.


EDC has expertise in HVAC including simple ventilation of chemical feed rooms for mitigating concentrations of corrosive and hazardous vapors; ventilation of wastewater plants for compliance with NFPA 820 requirements, and Variable Air Volume systems for commercial facilities.





Our plumbing experience includes domestic water and wastewater systems for municipal and industrial facilities, rural washeteria facilities, and larger commercial facilities. Designs include attention to proper cross-connection control and constructability.


EDC has extensive experience with process piping, including piping systems for water supply and distribution. System designs have included pressure pump and circulation pump selection. We also have expertise in steam distribution utilization systems including multiple projects upgrading military facility utility systems.


Many of EDC’s mechanical design projects have included fire protection systems with fire pumps and sprinkler systems. We are well versed in water based and gas fire suppression system specification and design.


EDC has completed numerous projects utilizing heat recovered from engine generator systems. Some of these projects entailed installation of heat recovery equipment at existing power plants with new distribution systems serving facilities that can utilize the heat. We have utilized limited available temperature recovered heat for lower temperature loads such as freeze protection of water storage tanks and water distribution systems. We have also performed rehabilitation designs for failed heat recovery systems.


Many of EDC’s projects incorporated snow melt systems at entry slabs to enhance personnel safety and labor reduction for snow removal tasks. We also have extensive experience in the design of freeze protection systems for water storage tanks, water distribution systems, and sewage force mains. We have designed heat addition systems for water distribution systems using circulation, direct heat addition to the water, and glycol tracing systems.


EDC provides a wide variety of construction administration, system analysis and site related services. Our experienced professionals have worked throughout the State of Alaska, solving site specific problems in complex and challenging environments.


EDC can provide post-design engineering services to ensure successful completion of your project. Services include:

  • Bidding assistance including preparation of bid documents, answering contractor bid questions, issuing amendments and conformed documents, and bid evaluation.
  • Submittal reviews
  • Responding to contractor construction questions
  • Issuing and evaluating change orders
  • Perform site inspections and issue deficiency punch lists
  • Assist with process/system integration, start-up, testing and facility commissioning
  • Review and/or produce facility and process Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • Provide record drawings

EDC has extensive knowledge of local, state and national codes and standards. We can assist in evaluating existing facilities for compliance or define the requirements for new facilities or upgrades.


We can provide qualified individuals anywhere in the State to inspect ongoing mechanical and electrical construction projects to ensure the work is in accordance with the contract documents and all applicable codes and standards.


EDC can visit your facility to document existing equipment and their conditions for code compliance, life safety hazards, operational issues, efficiency analysis, life expectancy and failure assessment. Recommendations on upgrades can also be provided.


EDC will work with owners, operators, contractors, system integrators, vendors and other engineers to develop and/or implement a facility commissioning plan for the functional checkout, start-up, testing and commissioning of your facility.


EDC has experience performing a short circuit study of your facility to determine available three-phase and single-phase fault currents present at all nodes of your power distribution system to determine adequacy of equipment ratings.


EDC has experience performing a coordination study of your power distribution system to determine if overcurrent and protective devices are properly applied to isolate a potential fault without unnecessarily interrupting other portions of your power system.


EDC has experience performing an arc flash analysis of your power distribution system and provide the proper labeling for your equipment so as to be in compliance with current OSHA, NFPA and NEC requirements

These are just some of the services that we can provide. If you need assistance with something that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us. If we cannot help, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.